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Pensions Administration Redefined


IntelliPlan is an integrated package to solve today’s administration challenges

IntelliPlan embeds complex administration capabilities with calcs, payroll, workflow and electronic document management to provide a low cost administration solution for the Occupational Pensions and Life & Pensions sectors. This tour will step through the following capability areas within the platform.

Support for a wide range of administration regimes

IntelliPlan caters for occupational, contract UK, US and EU products

The flexibility and generic nature of the platform allows us to offer administration of a wide range of products in a number of territories. The data structure and capabilities in IntelliPlan supports; accumulation savings vehicles and the ability to hold savings in a number of investment wrappers.

The flexibility in the platform supports rapid implementation of new products and currently supports UK contract-based DC and income drawdown books in addition to 1 million DB customers, plus a growing number of clients in the US.

IntelliPlan Screen Prints

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IntelliPlan processes can all be accessed over the web for secure flexibility

IntelliPlan is a browser based administration systems that allows secure, controlled access to all parts of the process for external parties such as trustees, members, policyholders, intermediaries and reinsurers. In this way workflow extends the business processing beyond the traditional office to all stakeholders.

IntelliPlan is a thin-client browser based system built on Windows Server, IIS and SQL Server and as such can readily be integrated into existing provider websites.

Highly Automated Processing

Process automation is key to providing high quality customer service

Straight-through-processing driven by an intelligent and flexible rules and calculation engine, enables workflows. Workflows that start from a position that processes will be automated and only pause when administrators, customers or distributors need to interact with the process through self-service. IntelliPlan has an integrated scanning capability that will trigger or resume a process when documents are received through the post.

Configurable Processes

IntelliPlan workflow is delivered with a standard set of best practice processes

IntelliPlan includes a workflow engine and document management facility, both of which are fully integrated into the product. This keeps software costs down and reduces the number of systems that users have to be trained to use. The integration is seamless. IntelliPlan is supplied with a standard suite of common workflow processes that can be customized to fit a client’s unique requirements. IntelliPlan can also integrate with any corporate enterprize wide workflow or case management such as MS Dynamics or Pega.

No More Spreadsheets!

The IntelliCalcs calculations engine is comprehensive, includes many common actuarial functions and includes an integrated development environment

IntelliCalcs has rich functionality that can be configured through a simple spreadsheet type of interface. Complex calculations can be set up and documented by proficient end-users rather than software technicians.

Full source control and versioning of calculations is built into IntelliCalcs, as well as a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that supports debugging, tracing and code analysis.