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Profund Launches IntelliCalcs and IntelliSite

Profund is pleased to announce the release of the IntelliCalcs Calculation Engine and the IntelliSite Benefits Web Development System.

IntelliCalcs is a powerful number crunching engine designed to be used and configured by benefit professionals familiar with standard spreadsheet programs. It features sub-second calculations, built-in regression testing, calculation source control and rollback functinality, and full test case management functionality.

IntelliSite is the foundation of the web-based IntelliPlan System and offers clients the ability to create, approve, and publish benefit websites. It attaches to nearly any pension or benefits system and provides participant self service access. You don't have to replace your older software... enhance it and put it on the web with the IntelliSite System!

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This entry was posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2007 12:25 pm.