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Pensions Administration Redefined

Company History

IBM Releases its first personal computer, code-named "Acorn"

Microtec Partners Launched in UK

Hewitt Associates markets Profund Software in US as "The Pension Administrator"

Microtec changes its name to Profund Systems

1st Coffee Machine purchased

Jun Profund opens US office

DOS Pension Administrator upgraded to Windows Profund System

Mac OS X launched

Windows XP released

Oct Procentia, Ltd. Formed

RIM launches BlackBerry

Feb IntelliCalcs launched

Framatome purchases the Profund System

Windows Server 2003 launched

IntelliSite 1.0 released

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 launched

IntelliPen 1.0 released

Rolls-Royce become first IntelliPen client

Intel and AMD launch 1st Gen Dual Core processors

Partnership with Procentia Ltd. in the UK formed

2nd Coffee Machine purchased

10th staff member recruited

IntelliPay 1.0 released

IntelliPen DC released

Rolls-Royce move Fund and Group schemes to IntelliPen

Evonik purchase IntelliPen/Pay for all schemes

Aug Pension Protection Act signed into law

Apple launches Intel based iMacs and MacBooks

IntelliPlan US pension administration system developed

Lloyds' Superannuatuon Fund purchase IntelliPen/Pay for admin of 100 schemes using hosted server option

iPhone 1 Launched

Microsoft Vista released

IntelliScan document management system released

DHL purchase IntelliPen for DC and Hybrid schemes

YWCA Retirement Fund becomes first IntelliPlan Client

SpecSavers become first multi-tenant hosted client

First Android phone released

Windows Server 2008 launched

IntelliPlan 1.2 released

THPA purchase IntelliPen/Pay as strategic admin platform

Windows 7 released

iPhone 3GS released

IntelliSite.NET complete .NET version of IntelliSite released

Atessa Benefits purchases IntelliSite

CPRM purchase IntelliPen administration platform

Windows Server 2008R2 released

iPad 1 launched

20th Employee recruited

IntelliPen 1.4 for contract based personal pensions launched

3rd Coffee Machine purchased

RPMI purchase IntelliPen/Pay as strategic TPA admin platform

Death of Steve Jobs

Jan Move to Dundee Road

PSI becomes Procentia, Inc.

Jessops go-live on IntelliPen

BlueSky purchase IntelliPen/Pay

Windows Server 2012 released

Windows 8 released

Sep Siemens choose IntelliPen

4th Coffee Machine purchased

May Cartwright Group purchase IntelliPen and IntelliPay

Jun Siemens go live on IntelliPen

Aug Warwick & Eaton choose IntelliPen

Sep Apple announce iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch

Jan KPMG choose IntelliPen

Mar BP purchase IntelliPen, IntelliPay & IntelliCount

Jun IntelliPlan used with first public plan

Jul Microsoft release Windows 10 and give it away for free

IntelliPlan.NET released

Jul Retirement System of the City of Detroit begins implementation

Nov Procentia begins Conversions from Profund to IntelliPlan

Feb YWCA Retirement Fund goes live on IntelliPlan